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Are your business communication systems holding you back?

Is your ability to stay competitive in today's world keeping you up at night?

Is bandwidth and VPN connectivity affecting your daily operations and slowing your growth?

Are you struggling with security, connectivity and collaboration issues around your hybrid workforce?

Worried about data storage, cyber threats, disaster recovery & backup for your business?

Does your call center have the features needed to deliver exceptional customer experiences?

Are your systems holding you back from providing seamless collaboration and efficient communications?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are in the right place.

Leverage technology today to simplify your business communications needs all on one platform. Seamlessly connect with clients, coworkers and partners. Build and scale your business communication systems and processes with Universal Connectivity.

Business Communication Systems - Universal Connectivity

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Our top priority is leading the client experience by becoming a member of the team. Having one provider for all your voice, internet, fax, cloud, security services and network solutions is invaluable to your business. Start the conversation today and see how we can simplify your business communications and help your company adapt to new networking technologies at a pace and cost that fits your needs.

All on one platform...all on one bill.

Your Needs Dictate the Solution

Our full range of technology solutions and unmatched customer service can reduce costs, improve user experience, improve mobility and allow for endless growth. Are you ready to scale up your business? Universal Connectivity is your strategic partner in growth with flexible, scalable, telecommunication systems, networks and tools. We provide:

  • The solutions you want.
  • Human touch support to respond to the immediacy of your needs.
  • The service you deserve.
  • The essential tools and technology to fit your business needs.

We believe your business deserves to be better connected.

Technology Should Be an Asset, Not an Obstacle

Trust our experts to customize the right business communication systems to meet your needs.

Hosted phones (VOIP) Phones (VoIP)

Hosted phone systems facilitate seamless communication on all devices and networks eliminating connectivity issues, increasing productivity and the customer experience. Get easier access to voicemails, call conferencing, call recording and more.

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Internet Services

Fiber optic, wireless and managed WiFi keep you connected while supporting all your critical applications. Reliability, bandwidth, speed, security, signal strength and cloud access as well as 4G and 5G to support IoT will extend a significant advantage to companies of all sizes.

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Hosted contact center Contact Center

Contact center solutions to help meet your business goals by increasing sales, operational efficiency and retaining customers through a better experience. Monitor, track, control and maximize your contact centers’ success.

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UCLinks Talkdesk Call Center Contact Center Enhanced

Deliver exceptional customer experience with a solution that will scale to your business needs. This enhanced contact center has robust features and is paired with outbound calling capability. It can handle a large calling volume giving you the ability to handle calls quickly and efficiently.

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Online and secure fax services Fax Services

Online, secure, regulatory compliant and reliable business fax service. Securely send and receive faxes by email, from any desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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Managed Network Solutions Network Solutions

We engineer the right network infrastructure to streamline and strengthen your communications that’s reliable, up-to-date, secure and operating at optimal speed with our cloud-based managed network solutions.

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Unified Cloud communications Cloud Communications

Provide your business with the essential technology systems, tools and applications to streamline communication and collaboration creating greater organizational agility, adaptability and financial flexibility.

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Managed cyber security Cyber Security

Businesses of all sizes and types are vulnerable to becoming a victim of a cyber-attack. Gain an understanding of risk and a working knowledge of your organizations level of cyber security and compliance preparedness.

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Video Conferencing

Host extraordinary meetings with ease. User-friendly video conferencing solutions on a reliable platform that provides the flexibility you want and makes it simple to start, join and meet all in real-time.

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Managed IT services Managed IT

Put your IT needs in the hands of seasoned experts. With managed IT services you get consistent, comprehensive IT support and maintenance including cyber security services, compliance services, unified communications and more.

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Video Surveillance Video Surveillance

Video surveillance works as both a deterrent and a recovery tool. Benefits include enhanced safety, reduction of loss, multiple site management as well as the ability to monitor from anywhere. Hosted systems make video surveillance secure and seamless.

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E911 Call Routing E911 Call Routing

Ensure accurate 911 call routing and dispatchable location management for the safety and well-being of your customers, employees, and guests. Keep all devices E911 compliant.

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Emergency Notification System Icon Emergency Alert System

Send alerts and critical details to everyone on your campus in an emergencies to improve safety and response time. The same system can also manage daily operations with overhead paging and announcements to any device, including legacy systems.

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Business Phone Analytics Icon Phone Analytics

Turn your business data into business intelligence with phone analytics. Listen, learn, measure and analyze your teams’ interactions with customers to improve overall business productivity, training and the customer experience.

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SMS Messaging Icon SMS Messaging

Reach clients, consumers, or employees quickly, conveniently, and securely. Share concise, real-time information with anyone on any mobile phone.

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Call Recording With Voice AI Icon Call Recording + Voice AI

Unlock insights from any conversation for compliance, record-keeping, dispute resolutions, sales & service performance, CX and coaching.

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Microsoft Teams Icon Microsoft Teams

Design a more mobile, agile working environment. Add local and long-distance calling for all your end users through the Team app they already use.

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Leverage Technology So You Can Run Your Business The Way You Want

We plan and engineer the best telecommunication systems so you can be better connected and grow. Learn more about our solutions for your businesses needs.

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