10 Reasons Companies Are Moving to Cloud Communications

cloud communications

Cloud business communication services are the most common alternative to on-premises phone systems. Here are 10 reasons to consider transferring your business to the Cloud:

1. Enhanced Agility

Cloud communications enables businesses to react fast to ever changing market conditions. With the Cloud, you can work anywhere, easily navigate office moves and expand your business.

2. Increased Mobility

Users of the Cloud can work beyond the walls of an office. Mobile integration and smartphone capabilities are key in today’s market, especially when they bring improvements in productivity and customer service.

3. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Subscriptions are more customizable with pay-as-you-use plans and persona-based packaging. Costs from outdated systems, old servers, and wear and tear are in the past.

4. Business Continuity

The risk of natural disasters wiping out your systems is gone thanks to Cloud communications. You can have peace of mind that your business can be operational no matter what happens to your building.

5. Degree of Control

Cloud communication services allow management to focus on strategic business projects instead of managing IT infrastructure. Intuitive analytics keep you in the driving seat.

6. Improved User Experience

Cloud communication services have more user-friendly features than regular telephone systems. Their functionality can also be tailored to each user’s needs based.

7. Resilience

There is no time for business to go down. By saving money with Cloud services, your operation can stay open and secure.

8. Scale Up and Down

Unlike traditional phone systems, Cloud communications can be customized to the needs of your business. Scale up or down based on your business cycle without have to deal with your own in-house system.

9. Stay Ahead of the Pack

BroadSoft-based service providers can keep your business up to speed with the latest trends, thanks to their feature-rich platform and roadmap.

10. Turn Attention From Infrastructure to Your Business

Invest your resources in your business without worrying about the phone system. Choose a service provider that can take care of system dimensioning, maintenance and upgrades. Think of it like an all-you-can-eat buffet versus ordering each dish separately!

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