Does Your Business Have Multiple Paths to the Internet? Why 4G Backup Solutions are Important

4g backup solutions for internet continuity

An internet connection now means more than the ability to simply browse through websites. Most companies use the cloud when it comes to their business – 50 percent or more now is done in the cloud.  The internet plays a large and impactful part in your business’s everyday workflow, being used to communicate with clients, collaborate with colleagues and access cloud-based systems like Office 365 and Salesforce so an outage or gap in your service could be disastrous, which is why 4G backup solutions are essential. 

Continuity Is the Key

Everything your business uses to function is connected through the internet. Mobile devices, VoIP communication systems, video conferencing, file-sharing apps, emails, AI, cloud computing systems, printers, online fax, firewalls, VPNs and POS transaction apps. When issues occur, being able to switch to a reliable backup system is key. With 4G backup solutions, not only is your connectivity safe but so is your business continuity.  

ISP Outages

Internet service provider (ISP) outages can be hard to predict and devastating when they happen. Outages can occur in several different ways, including, but not limited to, local hardware failures, physical breaks such as a fiber cut or upstream routing issues. No matter the cause, the impact is real.  

Backup Your Network to Avoid Costly Internet Downtime

With outage times ranging from a few minutes to a few days, having an alternate path to the internet can be a saving grace. For many SMBs, a cost-effective option for this is to use a 4G cellular modem. When using a 4G backup solution, your router will automatically sense when the primary connection has gone offline and begin routing traffic over your cellular carrier, keeping your employees connected. 

Don’t Let an Outage Take Your Business Offline  

4G provides high-speed connectivity to keep your business operational in the event of an outage on your primary network. It’s reliable, far-reaching and offers a wireless last mile that will be diverse from the primary connection. If you are ready to protect your business and ensure that dealing with disruptions, gaps in internet connectivity and gaps in coverage will no longer impact your business, let’s start the conversation. Schedule a consultation with Universal Connectivity to explore 4G backup solutions for your business. 

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