New Website Highlights Business Telecom Systems Focuses on Connecting People

Business Telecom Systems

Universal Connectivity launches new site centered on client-led solutions With a fresh and engaging user experience, the new Universal Connectivity website now offers visitors a clear message: You can feel confident and in control of your business telecom systems. Through the refreshed site, visitors can browse and learn more about how the company serves its mission to…

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10 Reasons Companies Are Moving to Cloud Communications

cloud communications

Cloud business communication services are the most common alternative to on-premises phone systems. Here are 10 reasons to consider transferring your business to the Cloud: 1. Enhanced Agility Cloud communications enables businesses to react fast to ever changing market conditions. With the Cloud, you can work anywhere, easily navigate office moves and expand your business.…

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Is Your Sunk Cost Mentality Holding You Back From Getting to the Cloud?

cloud based system

Your phone system is your critical link to stay connected to customers. When it’s down, service is interrupted or old elements begin to falter, your business suffers as a result. Sometimes, these things are simply beyond your control; say a storm wipes out your building. With a legacy premise-based system, you’re instantly disconnected from incoming…

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7 Steps For a Better Business Move

business move

Did you know that moving to a new home is more stressful than getting married or having a baby? It’s true. And moving your business can be equally stressful. Despite the positives — lower costs, better location, more space, etc. — change can be scary, especially when that change has the potential to be highly…

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