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Don’t Take the Bait! Phishing Attack Risks

By Christopher Martin | March 16, 2023

Phishing attacks are a type of cyberattack where the attacker poses as a trustworthy entity in order to steal sensitive information, such as passwords and financial data. These attacks can take many forms, including emails, phone calls, text messages, and websites that mimic legitimate sources. The goal of a phishing attack is to trick individuals…

hosted VoIP business phone service

What Is Hosted VoIP Business Phone Service?

By Heather Munigle | February 15, 2023

With so many work options these days like remote, in-office and hybrid, setting up a modern business phone system that’s reliable and scalable is critical to productivity. One way to ensure clear connections while lowering costs is with hosted VoIP business phone services. Find out how a hosted phone system can increase mobility, enhance communications…

Does Your Business Have Multiple Paths to the Internet? Why 4G Backup Solutions are Important

By Christopher Martin | January 26, 2023

An internet connection now means more than the ability to simply browse through websites. Most companies use the cloud when it comes to their business – 50 percent or more now is done in the cloud.  The internet plays a large and impactful part in your business’s everyday workflow, being used to communicate with clients,…

Free 30-Day Demo Phone Analytics for Your Communications Cloud

By Heather Munigle | January 13, 2023

Integrated analytics that enable businesses to monitor and learn how customers interact with your brand are vital to your communications cloud. With our business phone analytics platform, you can turn your business data into business intelligence. Businesses today need to stay competitive by understanding their customers’ behavior. They must consider how and why customers contact…

Cloud Call Center Headsets

A Round-Up of Cloud Call Center Headsets

By James Smith | December 14, 2022

Headsets are an essential tool for your cloud call center because they enable agents to communicate effectively and enhance customer interactions with crisp sound quality. But choosing the right one isn’t always straightforward. There are plenty of options out there, including everything from mono and dual headsets to wired and wireless ones. To make things…

Finance Use Cloud Communications Platforms

How Finance Teams Can Use a Cloud Communication Platform to Keep Business Moving Forward

By James Smith | November 8, 2022

We know how important it is for your team to be able to connect quickly and easily when it comes to the end of the quarter. You need to stay informed about policy updates and changes so easy access to your team is pertinent. When it’s crunch time, there’s no room for chaos, which is…

Business Unified Communications Are Essential for Sales and Marketing Teams

By James Smith | October 26, 2022

Sales and marketing industries live by the mantra, “time is money.” Whether you’re rushing to close a client but need to provide them with important answers first, or quickly trying to correct a PR mistake so it doesn’t negatively affect your brand’s reputation, time is of the essence. UCLinks with Webex for sales and marketing…

hybrid office setup guide

Starting a Hybrid Office

By James Smith | October 12, 2022

5 Key Challenges to Starting a Hybrid Office With the way that cloud communications are advancing, having a hybrid work environment for your business has become more common. Of course, it started with the pandemic quarantine, when many businesses were forced into a hybrid model almost overnight and without the communications infrastructure to support it.…

Robocall Mitigation: What it means for your business VoIP systems

By Universal Connectivity | September 29, 2022

Robocalls are more than a regular nuisance many of us deal with – they often turn out to be spam or illegal. In the past, robocalling was done using analog phone lines, which meant that the call could only go out to phones connected to the same network.  Today, however, most companies use voice over…

two business women studying inter service providers

Types of Business Internet Service Providers

By Heather Munigle | September 23, 2022

Internet access has become essential for business operations today. As technology continues to evolve, there are many business internet services available with varying levels of speed, reliability, security and cost. Choosing the right internet service providers for your company requires some due diligence. Learn more about different internet services and what to consider when selecting…

UCLinks with SMS Messaging

Universal Connectivity Adds New SMS Messaging Service to UCLinks Platform

By James Smith | September 15, 2022

Universal Connectivity is adding a new SMS messaging service to their UCLinks platform. Currently available to any customer, this service adds a seamless and secure communication channel for today’s businesses and workforce. It’s the perfect solution, providing a more enhanced communication that results in a convenient and effective way to reach people in real-time whether…

Business Internet Network

What’s the Difference Between a Fiber and Cable Business Internet Network?

By James Smith | September 8, 2022

Understanding the differences between internet services is helpful in determining which is right for your business communications. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that commercial entities have different internet needs than residences, so choosing the best business internet network requires some research and consideration.  Two potential options include fiber and cable, both of which…

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