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The Benefits of Using Cisco Webex With BroadWorks Solutions

Top Benefits of Using Cisco Webex With BroadWorks Solutions

By James Smith | January 11, 2022

As more and more businesses, big and small, turn to hybrid business models and remote work, unified communications platforms that provide video conferencing, secured calling and collaboration are becoming a necessity. An all-encompassing platform like Cisco Webex with BroadWorks Solutions that can support the tools that are vital to your business can elevate productivity and…

Is it time to update your business phones?

How to Tell It’s Time to Update Your Business Phones

By James Smith | January 4, 2022

We know how frustrating it can be to run your business with a failing phone system that you can’t figure out how to fix. Here we highlight eight signs it’s time to update your business phones.  1. You have poor audio quality and reliability is getting worse Do you worry about the professional perception of…

Comparing Video Conferencing Platforms

Comparing Video Conferencing Platforms: Webex vs Zoom vs Microsoft Teams

By James Smith | December 21, 2021

In a new world of remote and online learning and working, connectivity and collaboration is at the heart of it all. The increasing demand for easy and efficient connectivity has sprouted the necessity for collaborative platforms like Cisco Webex, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. When comparing business video conferencing platforms, it’s important to look at all…

The best business phone and internet for CPAs

What Is the Best Business Phone and Internet for CPAs?

By James Smith | December 14, 2021

There’s more to being a good CPA than expert accounting skills: You must also possess great communication skills and be able to collaborate with others. In order to communicate like a trustworthy professional, it’s crucial that your accounting business has the best business phone and internet for CPAs. But, what exactly is “best”? Phone and…

How 5G Internet Is Changing the Way We Work and Live

How 5G Internet Is Changing the Way We Work and Live

By James Smith | December 7, 2021

The internet has altered our world in many different ways, and 5G internet is on the path to shake things up again. 5G, short for “fifth generation,” is the latest wireless communication technology that’s known for lightning-fast speeds and greater bandwidth. Currently, 4G is the most widely used internet technology in many countries, but 5G…

IoT and Business Telecommunications Trends for Business

IoT and Business Telecommunications: What the Internet of Things Trends Mean for Business Telecommunications

By James Smith | November 23, 2021

The internet has forever altered our lives, which is why the “internet of things” (IoT) trends will undoubtedly affect your business, too, especially your telecommunications systems. Learning more about IoT and business telecommunications implications will make you better prepared for future success.  Internet of Things Definition The internet of things is a concept that refers…

What to Look for in a Business Internet Provider in Connecticut

What to Look for in a Business Internet Provider in Connecticut

By James Smith | November 9, 2021

When searching for a business internet provider in Connecticut, it’s important to look beyond the basics — like services and pricing — in order to find a trustworthy partner for your company. It’s both the big and small details that distinguish a quality internet provider from the rest. Due diligence is key to getting business…

Business Communications Due Diligence

M&A? Why Business Communications Due Diligence Is Critical

By James Smith | October 14, 2021

There’s a lot of strategic planning that goes into mergers and acquisitions, yet a big mistake that’s often made is not performing business communications due diligence. Before two companies merge, it’s crucial that the communication systems are able to talk to each other. Otherwise, you risk disrupting customer service, productivity and more. Learn how to…

Phone System IRR

Convince Your Boss to Upgrade Your Phone System: IRR Calculation

By James Smith | October 7, 2021

The IT department often gets the brunt of employee and customer frustrations for phone issues, yet your boss doesn’t see the need to upgrade your phone system. Whether it’s due to a lack of understanding or financial concerns, there are different reasons why upper management could be hesitant to move forward. With a strong argument,…

Video Conferencing Solutions for Attorneys

Reid and Riege, P.C. Case Study

By James Smith | September 23, 2021

The Problem Reid and Riege, P.C. has been providing legal services in Connecticut for more than 70 years. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, even the court system had to go remote. Unfortunately, there was no uniformity when it came to video conferencing platforms between local, state and federal courts. Some courts were on MS Teams, while…

Microsoft Teams Cloud Phone Integration

Is Microsoft Teams Cloud Phone Integration Right for You?

By James Smith | September 9, 2021

Integrating Microsoft Teams with your business’s cloud phone system can help unify communications with rich features and a streamlined user experience. So is Microsoft Teams cloud phone integration the best path for your company? Consider these factors:  Teams for Your Team With many small to medium-size businesses already using (and paying for) Microsoft Teams, the…

Cloud Based Phone System Benefits

4 Ways Cloud-Based Phones Will Wow You

By James Smith | August 19, 2021

Is it time for your business to get a new phone system? Before you make the purchase, it’s important to research today’s best solutions. Private branch exchanges (PBX) are traditional premise-based phone systems that transmit voice signals as electrical pulses over copper wires. Modern methods turn these signals into digital data that can be transmitted…

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