Universal Connectivity’s Q1 2019 NetPromoter Score

As we reflect on the past quarter we want to share the latest results of Universal Connectivity’s 1st Quarter 2019 NetPromoter Score Results. As telecommunications has evolved, so have the needs of our clients. Our client satisfaction measurement is one of the keys to our balancing our growth with our service commitment. Our mission is…

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Read My Lips

We communicate less with our words than through non-verbal communication, including body language and tonal signals. And some of the clearest messaging is facial. The lips, in particular, give real time signals such as stress and deception that come from our core and are difficult to disguise. While most folks can fake a smile or…

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Universal Connectivity’s 24th Anniversary

As we celebrate Universal Connectivity’s 24th anniversary, here are some fun phone facts: The first payphone was installed in Hartford CT in 1889 by Southern New England Telephone (SNET,) thanks to the innovation of Connecticut’s own William Gray At the turn of the last century, there were more than 2.2 million payphones in the U.S….

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New Year’s Resolution – Never Say No

Never say no? Isn’t that the opposite of personal empowerment dogma? Aren’t we supposed to establish limits and only commit to those actions we can truly support? Absolutely, we need to set boundaries, and that means not agreeing to do everything that is asked of you. But “Never Say No” is two-fold. First, there’s finding…

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What To Do With Your Toshiba Phone System

With Avaya’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and Toshiba’s exit from the North American business telecom equipment market, businesses currently using these phone systems may be feeling vulnerable. While both companies have pledged to support their products and services, that will only be honored during existing contract terms. Toshiba has even gone so far as to…

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