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What to Look for in a Cloud Communications Provider

By Heather Munigle | August 12, 2022

As the popularity of the cloud increases so does the demand for a cloud communications provider. It can be a daunting task to choose the right provider for your communications needs especially if you are new to the cloud. We’ve created a helpful guide of things to look for when choosing a cloud communications provider. …

Video Conferencing for Insurance Carrier Company

A Fresh Approach to Video Conferencing for Insurance Carrier Company

By James Smith | August 5, 2022

What happens when you have a valuable but outdated video conference room? Wellfleet, an insurance company headquartered in Massachusetts, found itself in that situation. The Problem The pandemic jump-started an increased need for in-office, platform-agnostic video conferencing solutions. Wellfleet, a Berkshire Hathaway insurance company, has clients from coast to coast: It’s one of the leading…

operational efficiency

Increase Efficiency With Business Unified Communications

By James Smith | July 22, 2022

Partnering with a telecommunications provider for business unified communications  is a great way to streamline your business. Modernizing your processes and systems will increase your operational efficiency and productivity resulting in greater user satisfaction as well as greater customer experience. You need to stay competitive;  a telecommunications partner understands that as well as customer communication…

keep engineering teams connected

Engineering Teams Stay Connected With Unified Communications Solutions

By James Smith | July 15, 2022

With our ever-evolving digital world, it’s important that engineering teams stay connected with unified communications solutions. With our UCLinks with Webex product offering, developers are connected and can keep in touch with operation and service management teams. UCLinks with Webex closes the communication gap between coders, end users and stakeholders by offering an easy-to-use, comprehensive…

organized project managers

How Business Communications Systems Help Project Managers Stay Organized

By James Smith | July 8, 2022

As we help clients with business communications systems, we understand that an important part of being a project manager is your ability to successfully manage all the moving parts of a project. Information sharing between people and tools needs to be seamless to keep the project running smoothly. Having the capability to show the entire…

voip and cyber security

Bulletproofing Your Business VoIP service from Cyberattacks

By James Smith | July 1, 2022

It doesn’t get much better than VoIP when it comes to business phone systems, but they can still be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Here are some common threats and how you can bulletproof your business VoIP service from them.  Potential Threats to Your Business VoIP Service: Toll Fraud Hackers will make outside international calls from…

effectively collaborate with unified communications

5 Tips to Collaborate Effectively Using a Unified Communications Provider

By James Smith | June 29, 2022

Many  businesses are migrating or already have migrated to a hybrid workplace. Communication and collaboration is the core to keeping your business running smoothly. With many businesses migrating or already migrated to the hybrid work model, it’s important to ensure your employees are set up for success. Here are five tips businesses will benefit from…

UCLinks with Broadworks

Four Common Business Communication System Problems Solved by UCLinks with Webex

By James Smith | June 23, 2022

Are you looking for a business communication system solution that doesn’t use too many apps and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg? Here’s how UCLinks with Webex solves four common business communication problems so you can get back to what matters.  Problem: Your business uses too many apps. UCLinks with Webex Solution: As…

Call center service agent

New Call Center Service Offering: UCLinks Talkdesk

By James Smith | June 20, 2022

If you own or work in a small business, you know that customer service is your top priority. The way you communicate with customers and respond to their needs is at the heart of great service. To help you improve your customer interactions, Universal Connectivity is now offering UCLinks Talkdesk call center services.  These services…

5 Reasons HR Teams Love Unified Communications System, like Cisco Webex

By James Smith | May 12, 2022

Cisco Webex, a unified communications system, makes collaboration easy for all departments. Here are five reasons why HR teams love Cisco Webex.  1. Connection With Cisco Webex, it’s easy to keep your whole team in sync. Individual spaces can be created for specific HR topics and groups to keep employees in the loop and stay…

How Kari's Law Impacts Your Hosted Phone System

Kari’s Law and its Effect on Your Hosted Phone System

By James Smith | April 5, 2022

It is important to understand how laws and regulations affect the configurations of your hosted phone system. Having a partner well-versed in the area is the first step to bringing your business into compliance with the regulations.  Named after Kari Hunt Dunn, Kari’s Law was signed into federal law on February 16, 2018. With the…

Seamless Collaboration in Webex

What Does Seamless Collaboration Mean in Webex?

By James Smith | March 22, 2022

In this digitally remote world, collaboration platforms are vital to every businesses’ success. All the more reason to look for a platform that really performs. Seamless collaboration in Webex makes it easy to leverage all the tools you need to work together efficiently from anywhere.  What Is Seamless Collaboration? The concept of seamless collaboration is…

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