beach sceneThere is no longer a strict need for employees to sit at their desks to perform their essential job functions. The rules are changing; and the tools are evolving.

“Unified Communications” provides the easy use of current app technology, enabling the user to seamlessly transition from desktop to mobile and back again, all the while presenting the office phone number. The UC Communicator provides instant messaging, web-based conference calls, video conferencing and even document sharing. And it’s all at the click of a mouse or a touch on the cellphone.

An additional benefit of the UC Communicator is reduced cellphone charges, as the calls are routed through WiFi whenever available. Plus, the recipient of the call will simply see the person’s office number rather than the personal cell.

Independence from the desk, freedom to connect when needed; that’s the basis of Unified Communications.

Have a great Independence Day and make the most of your holiday by working anywhere, anytime.