UC-One AppWhile a lot of companies do provide employees with cellphone or tablets, many employees opt to use their own devices to maximize their own productivity.

With Universal Connectivity’s UC-One app, staff can easily work on their own cellphones, tablets or laptops. The app is simply loaded onto the device, similar to the application on the workplace computer. Calls can move seamlessly form the desk phone to the cellphone. Staff can opt to use the app on any device for instant messaging or video conferencing.

There are minor drawbacks to BYOD vs company-provided devices, such as nuanced capabilities among the wireless providers and the phones themselves. However, these are typically identified after the first few instances of use and adjustments made, such as switching from home WiFi to cellular for improved voice clarity.

One great feature of UC-One is that the app is set up to use business phone number, so employees no longer need to give out their personal cellphone numbers. In the past, this has been a drawback to BYOD, both for the employee and the company.

For companies supporting staff use of BYOD, it’s important to have a BYOD policy that ties into the company’s overall IT security policies.

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