business man and womanWe communicate less with our words than through non-verbal communication, including body language and tonal signals. And some of the clearest messaging is facial. The lips, in particular, give real time signals such as stress and deception that come from our core and are difficult to disguise.

While most folks can fake a smile or raise their eyebrows in mock surprise, fewer can keep their lips from tightening or puckering, especially in that first moment of reaction. Being able to recognize these signals can help us better understand the communication being expressed non-verbally.

Although meeting in person provides the best opportunity for clear communication, sometimes it isn’t possible or practical. However, video conferencing can provide a good option for getting everyone together in real time. Video calls allow everyone to see each other, and to see the body language and facial expressions behind their spoken words.

Our UC-One Communicator app also provides video calls from the desktop or mobile phone. In addition, we also provide several types of video phones from Polycom. All these options enhance communication by enabling you to also see all the nonverbal clues.

To learn more about decoding body language we recommend getting our friend Joe Navarro’s book, What Every Body is Saying.

At Universal Connectivity, our mission statement and core values are based on listening, so that we can provide solutions to our client’s needs. We have great tools and resources to offer, but we first need to understand our client’s business needs before we suggest solutions.

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