man attending webinarIn response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, many businesses have transitioned to working from home. We were proud to have Katie Gutierrez Miller, CEO of Assistant, join us for a virtual seminar to share tips on how to successfully work from home.

Katie has over 20 years’ experience helping virtual teams increase productivity and business income. She was joined by James Smith, President & Chief Connector of Universal Connectivity, to explore the topic of working from home – the new reality for many workers.

Highlights from the Webinar

Katie outlined the following key elements of a productive “work from home” strategy:

  1. Create Your Environment
  2. Schedule Your Day
  3. Set Boundaries
  4. Laser Focus
  5. Prioritize Wellness

To learn about each topic in more detail, follow the link below to view the virtual presentation.

Watch Webinar

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