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Host extraordinary meetings with ease… Video conferencing solutions that gives your business the technology it needs for a unified, seamless experience.

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How Do You Want Your Business To Communicate?

Your business deserves to be better connected. Give your team what they need for success with a user-friendly video conferencing solution on a reliable platform that provides the flexibility you want and makes it simple to start, join and meet all in real-time. Build stronger business relationships, improve communications within the team, collaborate with ease and create greater efficiency.

With business video conference solutions from Universal Connectivity, you get:

  • Crystal-clear video conferences.
  • Compatibility with all major video conferencing platforms.
  • Easily shared content, wired or wirelessly.
  • More productive meetings with noise-blocking technology.
  • Flexible camera and microphone options.
  • Painless, convenient installation to eliminate downtime.
  • On site staff training so your team can hit the ground running.
  • Custom solutions, because the right system depends on your conference room space and the number of attendees.
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Lunch & Learn Webinar Series from Universal Connectivity

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Video Conferencing Solutions

See a live 30-minute demo of video conferencing solutions and learn more about:

  • Creating a seamless experience for remote and in-office employees
  • Features & benefits of the Poly X series 
  • Painless, convenient installation
  • Which Poly product is the best solution for your business

Video Conferencing Is Crucial to Your Business

Video conferencing solutions allow your team to meet and collaborate more effectively, increasing productivity, saving you time and money, and allowing your business to grow. Strengthen valued relationships with partners, suppliers, internal teams, remote workers, investors, and customers through a unified experience. Deciding which business video conference solution to invest in doesn’t have to be difficult. Consult with Universal Connectivity to determine the features that best fit your specific business and conferencing needs to create the ideal video meeting experience.

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Industry’s Best Video Solutions

The world of work now revolves around video conferencing; it’s the way of modern business. No matter where you are located or the size of your business, unified communications and collaboration are necessary to support both internal and external communications. We have your needs covered and are a trusted provider of Poly systems and Konftel BYOM solutions (bring your own meeting)

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Video Conferencing Solutions for Attorneys

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Video Conferencing for Insurance Carrier Company

Upgrade Your Conferencing

HD business video conference systems from Poly and Konftel provide the most comprehensive digital teleconferencing solutions. Our pros will install and service your systems.

Make the Right Decision for Your Business

If your business uses video conferencing technology, it’s up to you to decide if your current systems are serving their purpose. Lagging and poor connections don’t make for happy customers or employees. The Poly systems we recommend are equipped with the latest technology to keep your business up to speed.

Business Video Conferencing Solutions

KONFTEL Personal Video Kit

Konftel Personal Video Kit: A plug and play solution designed for desktop users to achieve professional quality video meetings with full HD video and high quality sound.

Konftel C2070

Konftel C2070: Perfect for huddle to medium meeting rooms. A single USB cable is all you need to connect the sound unit, the camera and the room’s screen to the video meeting on your laptop.

Konftel C2055

Konftel C2055 and C2055Wx: Perfect for small to medium-sized rooms, combining a 4K camera and a high quality speakerphone with the plug-and-play Konftel hub.

Konftel C20800 Hybrid

Konftel C20800 Hybrid: Designed for small to large meeting rooms. A single USB connects the wide angle camera, scalable audio and the room’s screen to your computer. Easily combines meeting apps and phone calls.

Poly Studio

Poly Studio: Premium USB video bar works everywhere you do. See and hear all attendees clearly and converse naturally.

Poly Studio x30

Poly Studio X30: The Studio X series from Poly delivers high performance in a single sleek device. Perfect for video conferences in smaller rooms.

Poly Studio x50

Poly Studio X50: A bar that's built for your size space. Connect in seconds through a single device using nearly any video collaboration software, including Zoom.

Poly Studio X70 Video Bar 650x500

Poly Studio X70: An all-in-one video bar for large rooms that combines stunning design, boardroom-filling stereo and razor-sharp 4K video.

Poly G7500

Poly G7500: Ultra HD 4K brings your team together to share ideas and express themselves clearly. Anyone can share wirelessly on their own device.

Are You Ready to Go Hybrid?

Be prepared for the common challenges businesses face when starting a hybrid work environment, plus get tips to overcome them. This free Quick Start Guide will explain:

  • The five Cs that impact the effectiveness of your hybrid workplace. 
  • Best practices for launching your hybrid office.
  • How unified communications can help.
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