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What Does a Business Video Conference Sound Like for You?

Is poor audio making your customers angry? Do your video conferencing solutions belong in the ‘80s? Is your office cluttered with wires? Are you confused about the best video platform to use? You and your clients deserve a better connection. Don’t break up with your customers.

With business video conference solutions from Universal Connectivity, you get:

  • Crystal-clear video conferences.
  • Compatibility with any video conferencing platform.
  • Easy content sharing.
  • Flexible solutions based on conference room size.
Business Video Conference Sound Clarity

Video Conferencing Is Crucial to Your Business

A client’s first impression shouldn’t involve blurry visuals, poor audio quality or delays. Modern work requires video conferencing that’s as effective as an in-person meeting. Deciding which business video conference solution to invest in doesn’t have to be difficult. Confer with Universal Connectivity to upgrade your video conferencing systems:

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

Trusted vendor of Poly products for 16+ years

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

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Universal Connectivity business communications provider

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Industry’s Best Video Solutions

The world of work now revolves around video conferencing; it’s the way of modern business. Your customers expect you to have the tech know-how; they won’t wait around while you fix your camera or find your login. Universal Connectivity is a trusted provider of Poly systems. We will pick the right system based on your needs, train your staff and install it.

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Picking the Right Poly System Is Actually the Second Step

The first is partnering with a trusted vendor. The benefits of scheduling with Universal Connectivity to create a simple, streamlined video conference solution include:

  • 16+ years installation experience.
  • More productive meetings with noise-blocking technology.
  • Seamless transitions between business video conference platforms.
  • Custom-designed solutions for your workplace.
  • Easily shared content, wired or wirelessly.

Upgrade Your Conferencing

HD business video conference systems from Poly provide the most comprehensive digital teleconferencing solutions. Our pros will install and service your systems.

Make the Right Decision for Your Business

If your business uses video conferencing technology, it’s up to you to decide if your current systems are serving their purpose. Lagging and poor connections don’t make for happy customers or employees. The Poly systems we recommend are equipped with the latest technology to keep your business up to speed.

The Universal Connectivity Advantage

Choosing Universal Connectivity for business video conference solutions is a no-brainer. Your business will benefit from:

Flexible solutions: The right system depends on the number of meeting attendees and amount of conference room space you have. Each system also comes with flexible camera and microphone options.

Painless installation: We visit your office at a time that’s convenient for you to eliminate downtime for you.

Adaptability: No matter what platform your client uses, your Poly system will make joining the meeting seamless.

Business Video Conferencing Solutions

Poly Studio

Poly Studio: Premium USB video bar works everywhere you do. See and hear all attendees clearly and converse naturally.

Poly Studio x50

Poly Studio X50: A bar that's built for your size space. Connect in seconds through a single device using nearly any video collaboration software, including Zoom.

Poly Studio x30

Poly Studio X30: The Studio X series from Poly delivers high performance in a single sleek device. Perfect for video conferences in smaller rooms.

Poly G7500

Poly G7500: Ultra HD 4K brings your team together to share ideas and express themselves clearly. Anyone can share wirelessly on their own device.

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