Don’t Take the Bait! Phishing Attack Risks

Phishing attacks are a type of cyberattack where the attacker poses as a trustworthy entity in order to steal sensitive information, such as passwords and financial data. These attacks can take many forms, including emails, phone calls, text messages, and websites that mimic legitimate sources. The goal of a phishing attack is to trick individuals…

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How to Spot a Good Business Communications Provider

Business Communications Provider

In today’s modern world, unified communications systems are vital for helping businesses to thrive. Whether you’re running a large company or a small startup, a good business communications provider could make all the difference in your success since many operations rely on multiple communication channels, such as phone, video and messaging.  As with any major…

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In-house or Outsourced IT Services: What’s Best For Your Business?

Outsourced IT vs In-House IT

Successful small and mid-size business owners take advantage of opportunities that will make their company run more efficiently and save money. From comprehensive cyber security to managing installations & upgrades, data storage, providing web hosting, network testing & monitoring, employee training and more,  IT services ensure that a business is prepared to succeed and protected…

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Case Study: Designing a Secure Business Network for Beebe Landscaping

Beebe Landscaping Secure Business Network Case Study

Universal Connectivity has helped clients with superior business internet services for over two decades. When a large commercial landscaping company needed VPN access, and security, our team was eager to help. Beebe Landscape Services, Inc, is a large, single point of contact landscaping contractor for commercial, municipal and residential needs in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts.…

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