Bulletproofing Your Business VoIP service from Cyberattacks

voip and cyber security

It doesn’t get much better than VoIP when it comes to business phone systems, but they can still be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Here are some common threats and how you can bulletproof your business VoIP service from them.  Potential Threats to Your Business VoIP Service: Toll Fraud Hackers will make outside international calls from…

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Kari’s Law and its Effect on Your Hosted Phone System

How Kari's Law Impacts Your Hosted Phone System

It is important to understand how laws and regulations affect the configurations of your hosted phone system. Having a partner well-versed in the area is the first step to bringing your business into compliance with the regulations.  Named after Kari Hunt Dunn, Kari’s Law was signed into federal law on February 16, 2018. With the…

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Top 6 Benefits of Business Class VoIP

Top 6 Benefits of Business Class VoIP

From static noise to dropped calls, an outdated phone system causes all sorts of frustrating and unnecessary problems for companies. Fortunately, there’s a modern phone solution designed for today’s communication needs — business class VoIP (voice over internet protocol). Learn more about VoIP and the top benefits it offers to scale your business. What Is…

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How to Spot a Good Business Communications Provider

Business Communications Provider

In today’s modern world, unified communications systems are vital for helping businesses to thrive. Whether you’re running a large company or a small startup, a good business communications provider could make all the difference in your success since many operations rely on multiple communication channels, such as phone, video and messaging.  As with any major…

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Universal Connectivity Adds Business Phone Analytics Platform

Business Phone Analytics Platform iCall

The analytics that iCall Suite collects and easily displays provide actionable insights that are otherwise unavailable. The benefits of this product we now offer can be used to ultimately stay ahead of the competition. James Smith, CEO and Chief Connector Universal Connectivity recently partnered with Tollring to add iCall Suite, a business phone analytics platform…

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Top Benefits of Using Cisco Webex With BroadWorks Solutions

The Benefits of Using Cisco Webex With BroadWorks Solutions

As more and more businesses, big and small, turn to hybrid business models and remote work, unified communications platforms that provide video conferencing, secured calling and collaboration are becoming a necessity. An all-encompassing platform like Cisco Webex with BroadWorks Solutions that can support the tools that are vital to your business can elevate productivity and…

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How to Tell It’s Time to Update Your Business Phones

Is it time to update your business phones?

We know how frustrating it can be to run your business with a failing phone system that you can’t figure out how to fix. Here we highlight eight signs it’s time to update your business phones.  1. You have poor audio quality and reliability is getting worse Do you worry about the professional perception of…

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What Is the Best Business Phone and Internet for CPAs?

The best business phone and internet for CPAs

There’s more to being a good CPA than expert accounting skills: You must also possess great communication skills and be able to collaborate with others. In order to communicate like a trustworthy professional, it’s crucial that your accounting business has the best business phone and internet for CPAs. But, what exactly is “best”? Phone and…

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Convince Your Boss to Upgrade Your Phone System: IRR Calculation

Phone System IRR

The IT department often gets the brunt of employee and customer frustrations for phone issues, yet your boss doesn’t see the need to upgrade your phone system. Whether it’s due to a lack of understanding or financial concerns, there are different reasons why upper management could be hesitant to move forward. With a strong argument,…

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Is Microsoft Teams Cloud Phone Integration Right for You?

Microsoft Teams Cloud Phone Integration

Integrating Microsoft Teams with your business’s cloud phone system can help unify communications with rich features and a streamlined user experience. So is Microsoft Teams cloud phone integration the best path for your company? Consider these factors:  Teams for Your Team With many small to medium-size businesses already using (and paying for) Microsoft Teams, the…

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