Chris Martin

Chris Martin

Telecommunications Technician

About Chris

When it comes to complex ideas, especially those involving digital technology and communications, who better to take them on than a veritable math whiz? These mathematically inclined folks solve problems as easily as a fish takes to water, and they do the hard work of solving equations through numbers and theorems so that the rest of us don’t have to. That’s where Chris Martin comes in: As our telecommunications technician, he masters the problems that slide across his desk with his mathematical mind, paving the way toward solutions and satisfaction for our clients.

Chris has been a valuable part of the Universal Connectivity team since May 2020. He brought with him a B.S. in mathematics and a minor in data science from the University of Rhode Island, as well as two years’ worth of network engineering, access management and tech squad support from MassMutual. When he was working towards his undergraduate degree, he worked as a teaching assistant, mentoring students and making sure they were prepared for exams, and he also supervised undergrads as a resident advisor. Using his mathematical powers for good? Check. Applying his knack for problem-solving to make things better for people? Double check.

At Universal Connectivity, Chris enjoys the fact that no two days are exactly alike. There’s always a new challenge to take on or a new equation to solve. One of the secrets to his success is being able to tune out the rest of the world by plugging in his earbuds. Listening to music and podcasts is his preferred way to focus on the task at hand, free of distractions. Sometimes that focus is geared toward work projects, and other times it’s tuned in to getting some fresh air and going for a walk. In fact, when he’s not working, Chris loves to spend time outdoors, totally disconnected. When the weather’s nice, you might catch him passing the afternoon, boating on the lake or hiking in the woods.