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Using cloud communications solutions today allows your business to successfully plan for tomorrow.

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Cloud communications solves the challenges facing today’s businesses by providing the essential technology systems, tools, and applications to streamline communication and collaboration. It allows your business greater organizational agility, adaptability with a distributed workforce, financial flexibility and accommodates multiple work styles – all with the comfort of data security, network redundancy, and backup and disaster recovery solutions. Build, execute and scale your business communications systems and processes with cloud communications.

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Cloud Communications Services For Business

Are communication, data security and data storage issues keeping you awake at night?

In a rapidly changing and competitive business world, communication has never been so important. Every business large or small, must communicate successfully to survive and prosper. The long-established telecom infrastructure isn’t built to bear what the modern business demands to support connectivity, data and productivity. With the cloud, unified communication and collaboration services give your team the flexibility and mobility they need to stay connected securely and perform. Choose how you want your business to communicate with a range of cloud phone services, technology systems, tools and applications.

Businesses that outsource cloud communications get:

  • Protection and backup for their systems and data.
  • Reduced business operations costs.
  • A communication system that grows with their business.
  • Greater flexibility working remotely and collaborating with others.
  • Round-the-clock support from a team of experts.
  • Improved efficiency with access to data from anywhere.

Are You Ready to Go Hybrid?

Be prepared for the common challenges businesses face when starting a hybrid work environment, plus get tips to overcome them. This free Quick Start Guide will explain:

  • The five Cs that impact the effectiveness of your hybrid workplace. 
  • Best practices for launching your hybrid office.
  • How unified communications can help.
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Not sure if leveraging the cloud is right for your business?

Using cloud communications solutions today allows your business to focus on tomorrow. It’s a communication system that grows with your business, providing a variety of communication resources; from servers and storage to hosted phone systems, internet solutions, and enterprise applications delivered over the internet. Unified communications can be optimized to benefit any industry. With Universal Connectivity as your strategic partner, we will customize a solution to fit your business’s needs. Here are some business insights to consider.

Business Cloud Communications Provider


Unified communications address communication challenges across the organization and enhance overall operations.

  • Improves communication among and across departments and teams keeping projects moving forward.
  • Increases productivity empowering employees to get in touch with coworkers, customers, and partners in a timely manner, share ideas/information, collaborate on a project, ask questions to complete a task, or schedule a video conference meeting.
  • Run the business efficiently. Organizations that use a single vendor to provide unified communications versus multiple vendors consolidate costs saving money. A single vendor will evaluate how your current phone system, internet connectivity, and business communication tools can be improved to offer better services to the company.
  • Gain accessibility and scalability because cloud communications enable you to seamlessly scale your business and respond to organizational changes when they occur.
  • Reduces or even eliminates costs for travel and training.
  • Ensure secure work environments. Team members can work from anywhere and from any device. Get peace of mind by ensuring secure work environments with the latest tools in cyber security technology.
  • It is simple for employees of all levels of technical abilities to use and IT to manage.

For VP Marketing/Sales

Unified communications allow employees to interact with potential clients/customers using the same level of technology to meet increasing demands.

  • Designed to keep communication flowing allowing for greater customer engagement.
  • Creates efficient workflows because employees can process data faster, and discuss, plan, and execute strategies with their colleagues collaborating in real-time improving communication among and across teams.
  • Leads to a quicker response time and improved employee management. Integrate a business phone analytics application and listen, learn, measure, and analyze interactions to improve productivity and the customer experience
  • Teams can stay in touch with customers, nurture prospects, and convert by staying knowledgeable about customers’ needs throughout the sales funnel and sharing information across the team.
  • Integrate tools to fit your needs with pre-built applications and 3rd party apps (Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, HubSpot, NetSuite, ConnectWise).

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Universal Connectivity has many products and services offerings under our UC-Links platform. Through our many trusted partnerships that help us serve you, we can create connectivity solutions that integrate your core business applications.

Learn more about our UC-Links platform and service offerings.

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