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• Enhanced Customer Experience    • Increased Agent Efficiency    • Better Business Insights

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Increased Agent Efficiency
  • Better Business Insights

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What Exactly Is a Hosted Contact Center?

A hosted contact center is a cloud-based hub for all customer contact and service. This includes a phone system with monitoring, reporting and insight tracking capabilities. It’s a secure, hosted network with high-speed connection.

Call center solutions can help you meet your business goals by increasing sales, operational efficiency and retaining customers through a better experience.

What Is Included in a Hosted Contact Center?

  • 360-degree, cross-channel and cross-system analytics that offer detailed insights into each stage of the customer journey
  • Unified omnichannel customer interactions, including voice, email and chat, to provide a seamless experience for agents
  • Predictive analytics-based routing that connects each customer to the right agent, based on the customer’s individual needs and journey to date, for the best business outcome
  • Distribute inbound calls from a central phone number to groups of agents.
  • Outbound calling capability with ability for agents to present the caller id as the call back number for that campaign no matter where the call center is located.
  • Work across multiple locations as well as integrate remote workers
  • Auto-attendant – interactive voice response (IVR) and custom messaging
  • Music on hold and announcements – callers provided with a greeting followed by music, advertisements, and/or comfort messages
  • CRM and application Integrations for business needs.
  • Monitoring and recording: optional pre-integrated third-party solutions for real time monitoring and recording of agents call.

Provide Real Value to Your Customers and Employees

Your organizations success is centered around the customer experience you provide. It’s the heart of the operation and needs to be conditioned to give your business peak performance. No matter the size of your business, with a data-driven, cloud-based contact center, you can provide real value to your customers and employees. A good contact center will drive retention, sales, productivity, and greater efficiency helping you to future-proof your business. Universal Connectivity’s contact center solutions are catered to helping you achieve that goal by leveraging the technology you need to scale up your business.

With hosted cloud based contact center solutions from Universal Connectivity, the benefits to your business include:

  • Greater ROI: Innovative technology facilitates communications with customers without up front capital expenses. Your agents just need an internet connection, a computer and a headset to successfully do their job - from anywhere.
  • Better business insights: Analytics play a key role in a contact center's ability to assess what's working and what's not. It is vital to listen, learn, measure and anaylze agents' interactions to improve overall business productivity and the customer experience.
  • Less IT support needed: Cloud-based solutions are easy to use, so you don't have to be tech savvy, compared to the more complex infrastructure involved in a traditional on-site contact center.
  • Better integration: Allows for quick and easy integration with a variety of business applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, many social-media-based applications, as well as self-service platforms including chat bots.
  • Faster deployment: Can be up and running in a fraction of the time it takes to set up the infrastructure in conventional contact centers.
  • Greater scalability: Easily and quickly upsize or downsize your contact center based on your business' needs.
  • Deeper talent pool: A remote staff gives contact centers the opportunity to expand their reach for hiring agents.
Cloud Based Contact Center Solutions

Transform Your Contact Center

Whether you are creating your first contact center, improving your current operations, or expanding, we offer solutions for businesses of all sizes working one-on-one with our clients to enable their success. We offer solutions powered by Broadworks and Cisco Webex as well as partner with Talkdesk for an enhanced contact center solution. Each solution will allow your management team to monitor, control, and maximize key performance indicators of contact center success.

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Universal Connectivity business communications provider

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Everything You Need in a Hosted Contact Center

Universal Connectivity will partner with you to find the best solution that fits your business’ needs.

UC-Links BroadWorks call center

Integrated, full-featured solution for managing customer contacts (call only) with all the benefits of the BroadWorks advanced voice and multimedia applications.

Businesses of any size can build a comprehensive, feature-rich hosted call center. We offer an on-demand, hosted service with outbound calling capabilities and service integrations. The hosted solution also supports individual centers as well as distributed multi-site centers to act as a single call center regardless of the agents location. With our BroadWorks call center, you are provided with the ability to be in control with unified front-end web provisioning for all services and client applications including call center agents and supervisors.

As an option, our UC-Links products and services can provide a business call analytics platform powered by iCall Suite to enhance call center performance, access real-time call intelligence, examine in-depth call analytics and integrate your data to your CRM. Request a demo.

Cisco Webex contact center

Integrated cloud contact center solution with a complete suite of contact center functionality designed to work with extended calling options, including PSTN and Webex calling integration.

Customers can connect in their channel of choice – text, social, chat, email and call. Analytics for complete customer history, journey, and results. 24/7 self-service with voice chat and virtual agents. Platform that is out-of-the-box ready but can be customized to fit business needs.

Optimize your call center experience for businesses that need to manage a large call volume.

Our enhanced contact center has robust features and paired with outbound calling capability. It can handle a large calling volume giving you the ability to handle all customer calls quickly and efficiently. Supervisors have full visibility into agents’ performance with workforce management tools. Additional benefits include 60+ out-of-the-box integrations and applications connect marketplace including Salesforce cloud, AI infused across the platform, and end-to-end where the CX (customer experience) cloud provides one global cloud-native platform, one user experience and one services experience. Learn more about UC-Links with Talkdesk.

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Learn about the solutions available to help you optimize your contact center operations and maximize efficiency, productivity and performance.

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