Customer Referral Program

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Partner with Universal Connectivity and get rewards for your referrals!

Earn $5,000 in Customer Referral Program

Earn up to $5,000 in rewards!

When your referral becomes a signed customer you will receive a reward equating to one month of the service revenue your referral creates, up to $5,000.

$50 Customer Referral Program Reward

Earn a $50 VISA gift card!

Within one week of your referral’s conversation with Universal Connectivity, we will send both you and your referral a digital $50 VISA gift card, no conditions, no strings attached.

How Do I Get Started Earning Rewards?

Know someone whose business could benefit from IT management support? Our team will help guide them forward by streamlining their technology and increasing productivity.

Step 1: Submit Your Referral

Complete the form to submit your referral.

Step 2: We’ll Take It From There

Once we receive your referral submission, one of our representatives will reach out to your referral and offer them a free consultation.

Step 3: Watch Your Email for Rewards

We will email you with any updates. Once we have a conversation with your referral we will send both of you the digital $50 VISA gift card. If your referral signs an agreement for a Universal Connectivity product or service, you will receive your reward up to $5,000.

Send Your Referral


What type of business should I refer?

Any single or multi-site organization in the US with more than 30 employees that is not a current Universal Connectivity customer and has not been a Universal Connectivity customer within the past 90 days.

What employee in the company should I refer you to?

Anyone who makes the IT decisions for the company such as the CIO, director of IT, CFO or CEO.

How quickly will someone contact my referral?

A representative from Universal Connectivity will contact your referral within 24 hours.

When will I get my gift card?

We will email you your digital $50 VISA gift card one week after we speak with your referral.

How will I receive my payment if I earn a reward?

After your referral signs with Universal Connectivity, we will let you know you qualified for the reward.

How will my reward be calculated?

Your reward will be calculated based on the amount of revenue that comes from the contract your referral signs with Universal Connectivity.

Is there a maximum number of referrals I can make?

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make and you will receive a reward for every qualified referral you submit.

If I have previously referred someone to Universal Connectivity, can I get a reward for that referral?

No. Only referrals made through the form above are eligible for rewards.

Can my reward be considered taxable income?

Any rewards earned over the value of $599 in any given year are considered taxable. Qualified individuals will receive a 1099 form.

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