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Why You Need Emergency Notification

Imagine a scenario where you can safeguard your employees, students, visitors, and stakeholders and maintain your organization operations smoothly. Prioritizing the security and information of your people, from the initial stages of an emergency to the resumption of normal activities, is crucial.

Emergency Management

When a crisis occurs, the true measure of an emergency response plan’s effectiveness is determined by how quickly it can be put into action. Imagine an emergency notification system designed to meet the individual needs of your business, school, healthcare facility, and manufacturing plant. Give your team the ability to confidently manage emergency events and daily communication to keep everyone safe across any device, including legacy systems.

Daily Communication

Being able to reach everyone with the technology you need to successfully manage daily operations is an important piece to the success of your school, business, healthcare facility and manufacturing plant. Therefore, your system should adapt to your needs from addressing IT issues, monitoring equipment, scheduling announcements, and keeping remote workers connected to bell scheduling and overhead paging.

Why Universal Connectivity?

We pride ourselves in being real people who respond to the immediacy of your needs because we know that prompt and personalized support can make all the difference in the success of your organization.

Consider the immense value of having accessible resources that enable you to evaluate unfolding situations and make informed decisions. It’s priceless. As you evaluate your current system, keep these key questions in mind to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

  • How do you notify people?
  • What is your emergency communication plan?
  • Can you manage incidents from response to resolution?
  • Can you reach the right people with the right message?
  • Can you reach your entire organization?
  • Can you send attention-grabbing notifications via text, audio, and visual alerts?
  • Can you reach them on & off premise?
  • Can you have access to resources like floor plans and links to security feeds?
  • Can you set up external groups such as police and fire departments?
  • Would you like to automate responses to disparate alerts in a single unified platform?
  • Are you E911 compliant with accurate 911 call routing and dispatchable location management?

Emergency Notification System Uses By Industry

Whether it’s managing daily operations or managing an emergency, having a fast and efficient way to share information is crucial. Discover a wide range of message delivery options and the flexibility to set up easy-to-activate notification triggers. With our system, you can send notifications to every corner of your building and directly to mobile devices, ensuring everyone receives crucial alerts through onsite and mobile notifications. Or if you need to alert a specific floor or a particular wing of the building, our message zone feature allows you to reach the right audience without alarming the entire organization. Best of all, you can leverage your existing technology to enhance safety and streamline your communication process.

School safety is a top priority and requires effective planning, preparation, and practice. To successfully manage emergencies and day-to-day operations, it is vital to protect and manage staff, students, administration, and visitors with a reliable school alert system. Reach the right people with the right message to effectively handle incidents from initial response to final resolution. Ensure the safety and security of everyone with the ability to address all your needs from bell scheduling and overhead paging to weather alerts, lockdown procedures and medical emergencies.

Universal Cloud Communications for Education

Safety & Security

  • School-wide notification
  • Active shooter event
  • Staff protection
  • 911 call monitoring
  • Severe weather alerts
  • Visitor check-in
  • Incident management

Daily Operations

  • Bell scheduling
  • Overhead paging
  • Student pick-up
  • Medical issues
  • Family reunification (following emergency event)
  • Student information system (create distribution lists for automated notification)
  • Tip line

Communication plays a vital role in ensuring a safe environment for staff, patients, and visitors. From urgent code blue alarms and requests for medical assistance to pressing panic buttons during confrontations, timely and accurate information must reach the appropriate individuals instantly. Mass notification systems, incident management solutions, and visitor check-in systems empower healthcare facilities to prioritize safety while efficiently managing daily communications.

Healthcare Emergency Management System - Universal Connectivity

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Safety & Security

  • Lockdown
  • Staff protection
  • Visitor check-in
  • Patient Tracking
  • Incident Management

Daily Operations

  • Overhead paging
  • Scheduled announcements
  • Cleanup
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Shift coverage

Effective communication is crucial to ensuring safety and operational efficiency. Imagine a warehouse paging system that allows you to cut through the noise and activity to reach every corner of your facilities. Monitor for potential issues and utilize text, audio, and visual alerts to quickly get people’s attention, regardless of the environment. Mass notification systems, and incident management solutions enable you to monitor equipment, schedule announcements and even monitor 911 calls. Reach everyone and ensure their safety from the production floor to break rooms, offices, and even areas outside your facility.

Manufacturing Emergency Notification System - Universal Connectivity

Safety & Security

Daily Operations

  • Business continuity
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Scheduled announcements

Your team is the lifeblood of your business. Their safety and well-being are of utmost importance. With a business emergency notification system, you can effectively reach your on-site and remote workers, keeping them informed through attention-grabbing alerts. Incident management tools will allow you to navigate every stage of a crisis. Communicate IT issues and scheduled announcements to monitoring equipment and issuing severe weather alerts, active shooter notifications and even monitoring 911 calls. Reach the right people, respond more efficiently, and minimize the impact.

Mid-Market Business - When you choose Universal Connectivity

Safety & Security

  • Active shooter
  • 911 call monitoring
  • Visitor check-in
  • Assemble (mustering)
  • Severe weather alerts

Daily Operations

  • Remote workers
  • Business continuity
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Scheduled announcements
  • IT issues

Partner with Universal Connectivity to design a comprehensive solution that will allow you to respond swiftly and effectively to any situation.

Keep everyone connected and informed - within seconds, regardless of their location. Decrease downtime communicating planned maintenances and outages. Confidently manage day-to-day operations as well as emergency events to keep everyone safe. An efficient emergency notification system is a critical asset for any organization.  The good news is that you can use the technology you already own and leverage it for enhanced safety.

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