What to Look for in a Business Internet Provider in Connecticut

What to Look for in a Business Internet Provider in Connecticut

When searching for a business internet provider in Connecticut, it’s important to look beyond the basics — like services and pricing — in order to find a trustworthy partner for your company. It’s both the big and small details that distinguish a quality internet provider from the rest. Due diligence is key to getting business internet that’s right for your company.

Before you shop around, learn what to look for in a business internet provider to ensure you’re making a well-informed decision.

Benefits of Switching Internet Providers

From spotty connections to unreachable support, there are a variety of reasons why your provider might be falling short of expectations. Switching internet providers could be the secret sauce to growing your business. Here are some of the top benefits of working with a leading telecommunications service provider in Connecticut:

Greater connectivity

Regardless of what your business does, the internet helps you do it. Experience fast and dependable internet so your company is never halted by service disruptions that frustrate your employees and customers.

Increase productivity

High-performance internet allows your team to work more efficiently and effectively, no matter where they’re located. When productivity increases, your revenue goes up!

Potential savings

Ditch juggling multiple vendors and bills. Instead, bundle your telecommunications services for a lower rate. A unified communications solution not only can save you time and money, but also enhance internal and external communications.

Responsive service

Enjoy working with a responsive and courteous internet provider rather than struggle to get someone on the phone or respond back to your email. Receive a higher level of service that makes you feel that your business is a priority.  

8 Signs of a Great Business Internet Provider

For your business to stay competitive, it needs the internet, which will keep up with modern demands. Boost productivity and service for your customers by joining forces with a business internet provider in Connecticut that displays these eight signs:

1. Enterprise-class internet

Your team needs fast and reliable internet, whether they’re in the office or work remotely. Look for an internet provider that offers high-performance fiber optic internet and fixed wireless service to keep your business connected with fast, reliable speeds and more bandwidth.    

2. Custom turnkey solutions

No two businesses are exactly alike, yet big internet providers lean toward off-the-shelf services to save time and money rather than accommodating the client’s unique situation. A dedicated business internet provider will get to know your company intimately and create a turnkey solution that’s fitted to your needs. 

3. High reliability

Spotty, slow internet gets in the way of productivity and positive customer experiences. That’s why your business internet must be reliable all the time. Even a little downtime can hurt your revenue and reputation! Find a business internet provider in Connecticut that protects you from disruption with multiple fiber and wireless backup connections.

4. Flexible bandwidth

Wireless 4G LTE and 5G broadband connections offer bigger bandwidth, which results in higher speeds and lower latency. In turn, this allows for more applications and uses. Select an internet partner that takes the time to determine the right bandwidth for your business that supports all your critical applications.

5. Cybersecurity

Protect sensitive information with an internet service provider that will set your business up with a private, secure network — and never share it between customers. If you have credit card processing applications, you should also receive security protocols that are built for PCI Security Standards compliance.

6. Cloud connectivity

Keep your business humming along by always being able to access cloud-based enterprise services and applications. With reliable internet service, you can maximize the advantages of the cloud, without losing connection at critical moments.

7. Load balancing

‘Load balancing’ spreads network traffic across multiple servers so that no single server has too much demand. An experienced internet provider will offer load balancing to improve responsiveness and increase the availability of applications.

8. Human touch support

Expertise is only one factor of what makes a business internet provider superior to others — reachable support is another. You need a partner that won’t let you down. Find a provider that will respond quickly to your needs and offers multiple contact options like phone, email and online customer support

Get the Best Internet Services for Your Business

There are a lot of business internet providers, but not all of them will be the right fit for your company. While services and pricing are important, you should also search for other signs of a quality provider — like reliability, security, connectivity and support — to ensure you select the best internet services.

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