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Want to stay ahead of the competition? Everyday your team interacts with customers - so it is vital to listen, learn, measure and analyze these interactions to improve overall business productivity and the customer experience. UCLinks With iCall Suite makes it easy to deliver actionable insight by sharing group performances, dashboards, team wallboards and trend reports to keep teams on target, focused on success as well as give insight to training opportunities.

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Business Phone Analytics

See a live 30-minute demo of Business Phone Analytics and learn more about:

  • Benefits of call analytics to your business
  • Leveraging the customer experience
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Analytics visualization
  • Contact center management
  • Dashboards, team wallboards and trend reports

Easily Measure Productivity

  • Manage customer service teams with wallboards and KPI-led dashboards, and historical trend analysis.
  • Achieve your business goals by diving deep into performance reports by user, short-term events tracking and long-term trends. 
  • Use group performance charts to measure callback performance and staff productivity.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Gain visibility into call journeys to optimize workflows for faster, more productive customer interactions.
  • Display predefined metrics, like call volumes, to respond quickly to changing needs. 
  • Increase customer satisfaction by using customer-focused reports to modify processes.

Additional Benefits

  • Powerful APIs to integrate your data to your CRM.
  • Customizable settings to ensure company and industry compliance requirements.
  • Report sharing to keep leadership updated on call KPIs.

Contact Center Management

  • Streamline your call center operations with dedicated workspaces with the supervisor console and agent console. 
  • Give your managers an easy way to review and manage their agents’ performance and provide assistance when support is needed.
  • Provide agents with clear direction, feedback and a collaborative environment.

Remote Management

  • Ensure business continuity with desktop, mobile and tablet access.
  • Log in from anywhere to monitor your team’s status, providing flexibility to your employees. 
  • Remotely access insights day or night and be able to respond to immediate needs of your customers.

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