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Is Your Internet Service Lagging Behind?

Are your web connections rock solid or flaky? Does your internet service flex with your needs or break? With what you’re paying in monthly fees, you deserve more than spotty service, unreachable support or an off-the-shelf “solution” that doesn’t fit your needs. You need an experienced connectivity partner that won’t let you down.

With business internet service from Universal Connectivity, you get:

  • Access to enterprise-class fiber optic internet.
  • A private and secure network that is never shared between customers.
  • Symmetrical bandwidth guaranteed with plug-and-play setup that reduces cost.
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Who Has Time for Internet Outages?

We understand your productivity--and maybe even your reputation--rely on dependable internet service. You might be limping along with subpar connectivity, which is not going to help you grow. Downtime makes your staff and customers miserable. You waste time dealing with separate vendors for all your communications and collaboration service needs. It’s time for a different approach. 

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

A turnkey solution to meet bandwidth and security requirements at scale

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

Fast deployments that free up key IT resources and operational expenses

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

Human touch support

Reliable, Scalable High-Speed Connections

You can’t get by in business today without fast and reliable internet service: You want to do more than just get by. The Universal Connectivity team takes the time to determine the right bandwidth for your needs. 

Our fiber optic internet access and fixed wireless service keeps you connected to the world, while supporting all your critical applications. Get connected, affordably and efficiently.

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With a Business Internet Services Provider, What’s Inside Counts

As you compare business internet service providers, pay attention to the details. Our service includes:

  • Flexible bandwidth, up to 10Gbps.
  • A robust and unique network design built for you.
  • Wireless 4G LTE/5G broadband connection.
  • Direct-to-cloud platform connectivity.
  • Access to cloud-based applications.
  • VPN access for individuals and remote sites.
  • VoIP and video conferencing quality and priority traffic shaping.

Standing Up to Downtime

Reliability is at the core of Universal Connectivity’s internet offerings. We engineer your service to support your productivity, profitability and peace of mind.

Continuity, Fail-Overs and You

When it comes to uptime, we take a “belt and suspenders” approach. We know even short service disruptions can lead to lost sales, irritated customers and stalled employees. No single wide area network (WAN) connection can deliver 100 percent uptime, so we protect you from loss and disruption with multiple fiber and wireless backup connections. 

If service goes down, our cloud-managed devices automatically switch over to a wireless 4G LTE broadband connection. Any systems connected to the device continue to operate at broadband speeds thanks to dependable cellular signals. 

Our Business Internet Capabilities

So how does Universal Connectivity set itself apart from other business internet providers? We offer: 

  • A turnkey solution to meet bandwidth and security requirements at scale.
  • Fast deployments that free up key IT resources and operational expenses.
  • Human touch support: No more spending hours on hold with the “big guy” providers. 
  • A variety of solutions to fit your business internet service needs.
  • The efficiencies of unified communications. 

Who’s providing your business internet services? Contact us to discuss a better solution.

Creating a Secure Network

See why one local company chose us as their business internet service provider. 

Beebe Landscape Services is just one of the many clients who trust Universal Connectivity to provide internet service for business.

The Universal Connectivity Advantage

Advantages to your business internet services with Universal Connectivity include:

99.999% uptime

High availability: Solutions that balance the strengths of fiber and wireless networks through SD-WAN

Enterprise-class security: Sophisticated security protocols are purpose-built for PCI compliance, which is required for credit card processing applications

“Always on” cloud connections to support today’s virtualized and cloud-based enterprise services and applications. Our solutions allow you to maximize the benefits of the cloud, without losing your connection when you need it most.

Load balancing that allows for more users or demanding applications

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