How to Tell It’s Time to Update Your Business Phones

Is it time to update your business phones?

We know how frustrating it can be to run your business with a failing phone system that you can’t figure out how to fix. Here we highlight eight signs it’s time to update your business phones. 

1. You have poor audio quality and reliability is getting worse

Do you worry about the professional perception of your business due to dropped and/or choppy calls? Poor audio quality will cause you to repeat yourself, or ask your caller to do so, deal with background noise and run inefficient conference call meetings.

Your business deserves high quality calls. With updated phone systems, your calls will be so clear, it will feel like you’re talking face to face.

2. Your phone system can’t support your remote employees

The number of businesses with remote employees continues to grow. Is your current phone system keeping you from seamlessly implementing remote employees into your business? When you update your business phones, you will gain the flexibility and mobility your business needs to support people working from home, on the road or on multiple sites. 

3. Your phone system is prone to outages

If your phone system is down, does it keep you and your employees from working? Does it affect your bottom line? If outages are affecting your quality and productivity, it’s time for an upgrade. Are customers still being provided with the best service you offer? If outages are affecting your work quality, it’s time for an upgrade. With an updated phone system, your calls will run via the internet so weather, local outages, outdated infrastructure or aging equipment won’t affect your service.

4. Your phone system doesn’t have the important features you need

You may think that as long as your phones can make and receive calls then that’s all you need. But what you’re not considering is the helpful features that would make your life easier. Can your phone system reroute calls to the right person or department based on customer type, issue or purpose? Do your customers sit on hold for a long time before they can speak to a representative? Can you monitor your call quality? Do your voicemails have to be manually transcribed by employees? These are all things modern phone systems can do to help elevate your business. 

5. Your phone system can’t keep up with your growing business

If business is booming, you are likely going to be adding or expanding to new locations. Is it costing you too much money and frustration to add new phone  lines? If your answer is yes, it’s time to update your business phones. 

6.  Your phone system is out of date

Some of the issues with out of date phone systems is that they are expensive to maintain, relies on technology that is out of date and equipment failure result in difficulty finding replacement parts as well as a tech that can handle fixing it.

It is also going to be increasingly difficult to pair your early 2000s business telephone with new technology solutions as it won’t be compatible with the current collaborative technology. This will hold back productivity and cause frustrations within your business.

7. Unified communication is a necessity for your business

If you have an outdated phone system then it probably isn’t integrated into your business’s other communication systems like email, text messages, audio and video conferencing. 

Unified communications brings your business functions together by streamlining both your internal and external communication so all of your systems and tools run through the same software. It will increase customer retention and service by tracking all communication with them in one place.

8. Your phone system doesn’t meet security standards

Security is vital, no matter the size of your business. With a traditional phone system, calls are transmitted through audio signals that are very vulnerable to being intercepted by attackers. Updated phone systems offer security systems built in to protect your data.

Types of Phone Problems Universal Connectivity Can Solve

  • Toshiba voicemail failure
  • Avaya voicemail failure
  • Alcatel-Lucent voicemail failure
  • Lucent voicemail failure
  • 3cx phone system
  • 8×8 phone failures
  • RingCentral failure
  • Vonage phone failure
  • Allworx phone errors 

Universal Connectivity Can Help

Think it’s time to update your business phones? Contact us today so you can get back to business. 

James Smith

As President and Chief Connector, James loves solving complex communication problems to help businesses transform, optimize, grow and succeed. One of his favorite parts of the job is being able to smooth the pathways for clients to communicate clearly and effortlessly. On this blog he shares telecommunications industry news and the latest trends.

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