James Smith, Universal Connectivity

James Smith

President and Chief Connector

About James

James Smith believes that technology was the basis for his decision to partner with his father-in-law in 1998 in Teleconsultants of North America, a program where he served as an agent for AT&T, re-selling phone services. Soon after they joined forces, James and his father-in-law became resellers themselves, having formed relationships directly with the network providers. Thus Universal Connectivity was born. Over the years, it has grown into a full-service phone, technology and data company.

James’s multifaceted resume includes years of working as a cell phone technician as well as working in network operations, directing and overseeing construction of cell towers, equipment and network implementation of regional data centers for Verizon Wireless. James has a unique understanding of the telecommunications industry, and as a result has been on the forefront his entire career. The challenge of solving complex communications problems to help businesses transform, optimize, grow and succeed is his main focus. 

In 2008, James bought his father-in-law out of the business and continued with the vision that every business deserves to be better connected. It is important to the Universal Connectivity team that clients’ needs dictate the solutions, taking frustrations of day-to-day communication issues off their plates. What makes Universal Connectivity unique is their ability to respond to the immediacy of their clients’ needs by being present.

Universal Connectivity thrives because it is a telecommunications solutions provider. The company meets that need of connecting businesses to businesses and people to people. It is the backbone of facilitating commerce.