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Let’s Talk About Your Current Phone System

Your broadband speed and connection clarity affect your team and show your clients what kind of business you’re operating. Is poor call quality hindering your ability to reach customers, clients or coworkers? Are you scrambling to keep remote workers or multiple sites connected? Are your current phone service costs ratcheting up while you limp along with outdated equipment? Your organization deserves better.

Be heard with hosted VoIP phone service from Universal Connectivity:

  • Merge voice and data to eliminate redundant cabling
  • 100 percent uptime
  • Flexible solutions, feature-rich phones
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Stuck on Hold With Outdated Phone Service?

Your phone system involves so much more than making and receiving calls: It’s a powerful tool to maximize productivity, catapult profitability and optimize client interaction. You, your employees and your customers need to be free from phone frustration. Replacing your outgrown, outdated and very expensive PBX/Key system or Centrex PRI service requires expert guidance. Make the call to Universal Connectivity and count on our: 

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27 years in business

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

Net Promoter Score of 79 (2X the technology industry standard)

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99% customer retention rate

Choosing Business VoIP Phone Service

Modern phone systems have the power to enhance profits with their many applications and features. To get the most from voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone service, you need a hosted network.

Looking For the Right Phone Provider for Your Business?

The right business communication partner can help your business thrive. So how do you choose? Grab our easy, one page checklist. Compiled based on years of experience, this free download can help you jump start your search and selection process. It will help you:

  • Compare providers of business phone systems.
  • Document your business communication needs.
  • Clarify your future goals for your company.
  • Feel prepared to interview and evaluate potential partners.
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Get The Checklist

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You’re Not Just Making a Call

Universal Connectivity business VoIP phone service includes:

  • Better connectivity with extension calling and system monitoring.
  • The ability to bring multiple sites and remote workers together with a single, unified phone system.
  • Crisp, clear connections with no static, echo or background noise. Today, a VoIP connection is significantly better with high definition VoIP phones.
  • One cabling infrastructure that accommodates both phones and internet.
  • Lower-cost VoIP equipment compared with conventional, premise-based telephone equipment.
  • Seamless mobile device connections.

Simplify and Save

Why should you make the switch to a hosted phone system now? Whether you’re looking for business-class service that integrates high-speed internet and telephone service or simply want to upgrade your outdated PBX system, our systems can save you money, eliminate connectivity issues and help your company move forward.

We Offer Options: You Make the Call

Still using a traditional premise-based phone system? Also called private branch exchanges (PBX), these systems transmit analog signals through copper wires to establish the audio connection for phone calls. Modern methods turn these signals into digital data that can be transmitted over the internet. Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is the standard voice communications delivery method for today’s businesses. Ready to hang up on analog? Universal Connectivity can help you make the switch.  

The Universal Connectivity Advantage

For your increasingly mobile workforce, our hosted phone systems facilitate seamless communication on all devices and networks. Regardless of physical location, our feature-rich cloud-based phone service encourages increased productivity through the elimination of distorted and dropped calls. Plus:

Protection of your capital dollars

Flexible solutions for your business future

Business information at a glance

Feature-rich phones with HD voice

Freedom to select number of lines and extensions

Personal video phones and devices

Mobile, tablet and PC calling applications

Scale up and down to right size the system to your needs

Replace Your Legacy On Premise Phone System

Hosted phone systems are more flexible and affordable than ever before, which is why many manufacturers of on-premise phone systems are phasing out their products (end of life) and trying to attract customers to their cloud-based business phone systems. If you have one of these systems, let's talk about how a cloud based system can improve your business:

Toshiba (end of life)

Mitel (end of life)

Shoretel (end of life)

Avia (end of life)



Other Benefits of Business VoIP Service

There are many advantages of VoIP phone service including improved accessibility, portability, easier scalability and reduced costs. Here are the top benefits of upgrading to business VoIP systems.

  • Crisp, reliable connections. With hosted VoIP business phone service you can leave behind echoes, crackling and disconnections.
  • Improved productivity with seamless collaboration, conference and group calls.
  •  Enhanced client interactions with hosted phone system features
  • Reduced costs with savings on long-distance and toll-free calls and no more redundant cabling. 
  • Unified communications through business class VoIP  
  • Boosted profitability based on greater phone system efficiencies.

Robust IP Communications Service

Make the move from old to new technology, consolidate data and voice bills and save money on long distance and toll-free per-minute charges with complete hosted IP PBX solutions from Universal Connectivity. All of these business-class features are only one call away.

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iCall Suite analytics

Listen, learn, measure and analyze interactions to improve both staff productivity and the customer experience with iCall Suite — a business phone analytics platform and call recording service. Get actionable insights through dashboards, team wallboards and trend reports that turn everyday interactions into training opportunities.

Call recording

For call centers as well as businesses, call recording and archiving provides valuable data for:

  • Detailed recordkeeping
  • Recovery of missed details
  • Quality assurance
  • Resolving call conflicts
  • Training
  • Employee feedback
  • Services and product improvements
  • And more

Conference bridging

Using a phone or click-to-call on a computer browser, a conference bridge empowers groups of people to connect on a single call (hybrid or international). 

Group paging

Send real-time announcements to groups of any size, even a single coworker. This feature can communicate with teams or departments, announce to people in a specific building area or even with your entire staff at once — in real time. 

Voicemail to email

Stop dialing in to retrieve a voicemail. Have the audio files come to you — by email. Voicemail to email allows for faster retrieval, improved responsiveness and easier long-term storage for recordkeeping. 

Business VoIP basics

  • Mobility 
  • Auto attendant
  • Call forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • Do not disturb (DND)
  • Call park and page
  • Extension dialing
  • External transfer
  • Hunt groups
  • Music on hold

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