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Why should you move to Universal Connectivity’s IP Fax Solution? Your fax machine will no longer be bound to an outdated copper line from the local phone company. Completely eliminate the traditional method of Publicly Switched Telephone Network and your worries about important messages going undelivered due to an unreliable connection.

Send faxes over your internet connection
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Our unique IP Fax Solution enables your business the freedom to send and receive faxes over your existing computer data network. Our special gateway terminal adaptor plugs into your existing fax machine, replicating the local phone line, and converts the image to html for flawless consistency and elegant delivery. The gateway transmits the html fax to our network over your existing internet connection, eliminating the phone line and inconsistency of VoIP faxing.

Send information from one fax machine to another, from fax machine to email and vice versa. Easily sort, email and archive fax messages for later reference. Our IP Fax Solution allows for seamless communications at your convenience.

UCLinks Virtual FAX

  • Fax-to-Email (inbound only) – This is a simple, cost-effective way to receive inbound faxes that are received as .tif or .pdf format into your email account.
  • Fax-to-Email (inbound/outbound) – You can send and receive faxes right from your computer using email to fax, web-to-fax or fax print driver service.


  • Fax-to-Fax – If you wish to keep your traditional fax machine but eliminate the need for a dedicated fax line, our secure FAX ATA solution may be the right option for you. FAX ATA uses HTTPS, which is a secure form transmission using your traditional fax machine.

Traditional faxing was unreliable due to T.38 protocol for real-time fax communications over IP networks. However, T.38 was not designed for transmission over the internet which causes packet loss, resulting in incomplete fax transmission. Historically, HTTPS connections were primarily used for payment transactions on the web, e-mail and for sensitive transactions in corporate information systems. By leveraging HTTPS technology to send faxes over IP is ideal and secure.

Benefits of electronic email faxing include:

  • Savings – keep existing fax equipment, no additional hardware or separate analog network
  • Remote Usage – can send where a fax line is not provisioned via internet connection
  • Security – reliable and protected way to send sensitive information
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