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Universal Connectivity provides telecommunications solutions, business VoIP phone systems and managed network systems for insurance brokers

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Because Clear Connections Are Critical

Staying in touch with your clients and customers is not optional. No matter what role your company plays in the industry, telecommunications can either hinder your growth or ensure your success. Adding remote work brings new issues around data security and the need to collaborate easily with coworkers. You need a connectivity partner that understands how you work.

Choose Universal Connectivity for:

  • Telecommunications services with insurance industry experience.
  • Access to enterprise-class fiber optic internet.
  • Hosted business phone systems that integrate with any call center platform.
  • Scalable infrastructure for today and for years to come.
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Right Here in the Insurance Capital of the World

From our Hartford, Connecticut, location we partner with local, regional and national companies. We act as a true partner, providing individual support. Unlike the “big guys” with their generic packages, we offer solutions based on your company’s individual needs. Discover just how far today’s innovative telecom systems can take your organization, while feeling confident that you have all the support you need.  

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

Working with insurance brokers since 2008

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

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Universal Connectivity business communications provider

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The Telecom Services Insurers Need

We understand what makes insurance brokers tick, and how aging or outdated communications solutions can hold them back. You can build your insurance business on our suite of services that includes business internet, hosted phone systems, online fax systems and much more.

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Communications Beyond Phones

Investing in top VoIP phones is a great way to put your insurance brokerage on track, making it more productive and efficient. In addition, Universal Connectivity can help brokers connect with:

  • Fast, dependable business internet.
  • Local and personal installation and support.
  • Contact center development and support.
  • Video conference setup for seamless meetings, whether employees are in the office or on a client’s site.
  • Integration of platforms like Microsoft Teams with telecom systems to make the most of clients’ investments.
  • Cloud services that keep data secure and make critical applications always accessible.
  • The convenience of working with just one telecom vendor.

Business Internet for Insurance Brokers

How much time are you losing to slow internet or outages? You know you need to upgrade. As you compare business internet service, look closely at each provider’s offerings. When you choose business internet from Universal Connectivity, you get:

  • Flexible bandwidth, up to 10Gbps.
  • A network designed and built just for your organization.
  • Wireless 4G LTE/5G broadband connection.
  • Direct to cloud platform connectivity.
  • Always-on access to cloud-based applications.
  • VPN access for individuals and remote sites.
  • VoIP and video conferencing quality and priority traffic shaping.

Hosted Phone Systems Keep You Connected

For insurance brokers, agents and companies, clear communication channels are vital to operations. Consider a unified phone system to bring all your stakeholders together and leave outdated and expensive analog systems behind. 

Universal Connectivity VoIP phones bring you:

  • Increased productivity through extension calling and system monitoring. 
  • Call clarity with no irritating static, echoing or background noise.
  • The convenience of a single cable infrastructure for both phones and internet.
  • Seamless mobile connections from anywhere.

Managed Network Solutions for Insurance Brokers

Maximum bandwidth, superior performance and the ability to grow: You get it all in managed network service from Universal Connectivity. With our CPA firm experience, we understand your unique needs and bring you telecommunications with a human touch. 

  • Bundled hardware, software and managed network solutions
  • Security firewalls, WiFi, LAN switching and cabling 
  • Configuration of switches and wireless access points.
  • Professional network installation
  • Thorough testing by experienced technicians
  • Ongoing, responsive support
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