5 Reasons HR Teams Love Unified Communications System, like Cisco Webex


Cisco Webex, a unified communications system, makes collaboration easy for all departments. Here are five reasons why HR teams love Cisco Webex. 

1. Connection

With Cisco Webex, it’s easy to keep your whole team in sync. Individual spaces can be created for specific HR topics and groups to keep employees in the loop and stay organized. 

2. Collaboration

Cisco Webex is a space to share information with colleagues and support employee development. Discussion threads help employees learn from one another. Utilize the space to post updates on benefit packages, promote development programs and share HR policies. If they’re looking for a specific document, file or update, HR employees can search for it by name in topic-specific spaces.

3. Communication

HR employees are used to fielding a lot of  questions: HR teams love Cisco Webex because they can answer all the questions that come their way, one time where everyone can see it. Moving repetitive tasks to Cisco Webex frees up time to strategize and  improve company culture. It’s easy to launch new projects and events impactfully so your HR staff can receive necessary feedback and spread the word, fast. With the @ mention feature, they can easily get the attention of any employee they need to reach.

4. Availability

1-on-1 spaces can be used to answer specific, private questions employees may have. They can have a video call with the HR specialist to resolve issues efficiently and quickly. With video calling, employees can get answers quickly and get back to work.

5. Inclusivity

HR teams love Cisco Webex also for their inclusivity of those outside the company. Even if your team is scattered across the country, you can use Webex to keep your team connected. It’s also easy to communicate with partners and suppliers on a secure online meeting platform.

Think Your HR Department Needs a Unified Communications System?

Universal Connectivity will help implement Cisco Webex into any department of your company so the transition for you and your employees will be seamless. Schedule a consultation with us today to get started. 

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