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Helping Your Team Work Together

Where is fragmented communication hurting your business? Can you quickly and easily collaborate with team members? Are critical decisions delayed while you wait for input from stakeholders? Do remote workers or multiple locations all feel like they aren’t part of the team? Is setting up and attending video meetings torturous? If you’re not tapping into the power of unified communications, you could be losing money, wasting time, disappointing customers and impacting employee morale.

Businesses that use unified communications systems benefit from:

  • Open and secure collaborative environment
  • Mobile access to critical applications
  • Unified voice, video and messaging
Team members in a conference room video call

Is Your Workforce Scrambling to Keep Up?

In the office, at home, on the road, at a remote site...your workplace can be anywhere so you need systems that work everywhere. The amount of information bombarding you and your employees daily keeps increasing. Processing, searching for and sorting all that information is time-consuming and overwhelming. When you can’t communicate or collaborate effectively, balls get dropped and your business suffers. Unified communications put everyone on the same page. Choose Universal Connectivity for unified communications for business and count on our:

Universal Connectivity business communications provider

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Universal Connectivity business communications provider

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Universal Connectivity business communications provider

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Unified Communications for Business

UC-One Communicator is a unified communications platform for team collaboration in real time. The all-in-one workspace integrates business communication tools used every day in a feature-rich collaboration suite: Online meetings, conference calls, chat and more. UC-One also seamlessly integrates with many apps you already use, including email, G Suite and Salesforce.

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Connecting People to Information

Make the switch and take advantage of:

  • Unified voice, video and messaging
  • Simplified teamwork
  • Virtual, real-time collaboration
  • Better customer service
  • Flexibility and mobility
  • Lower communication costs
  • Cloud-based technology
  • Contact center solutions

How Important Are Unified Communications Solutions?

Is your business fast or fragmented? Without a unified platform like UC-One, your communications infrastructure is disjointed. Relying on complex, on-premise technology that’s not open, scalable or easy to integrate means you’re straining your IT resources, wasting time with upgrades and maintenance, and bottlenecking information. Fragmented communications have negative impacts: Slow decision making, uniformed staff, decreased customer service and lowered profitability.

Fire on All Cylinders

When it comes to uptime, we take a “belt and suspenders” approach. We know even short service disruptions can lead to lost sales, irritated customers and stalled employees. No single wide area network (WAN) connection can deliver 100 percent uptime, so we protect you from loss and disruption with multiple fiber and wireless backup connections. 

If service goes down, our cloud-managed devices automatically switch over to a wireless 4G LTE broadband connection. Any systems connected to the device continue to operate at broadband speeds thanks to dependable cellular signals. 

Leverage the cloud and other technologies to improve communications inside and outside your workplace. Unified communications buyers report significantly faster problem resolution, improved productivity and better collaboration.

Today’s modern workforce is spread out, making collaboration more challenging than ever before. It’s rare to find a team that sits in the same office. Legacy on-premise communications solutions simply can’t keep up. To collaborate at their best, geographically dispersed teams depend heavily on the right technology to help them achieve their goals. A majority of teams include external experts and customers who provide significant contributions to projects, plans and strategies. An open, secure, cross-company collaborative environment is essential for these relationships to be effective.  

To succeed in the digital era, you must be able to make the best decisions by involving the right people as quickly as possible, regardless of where they are. Bringing information together is another story. How do you find the right content to make those decisions when it’s located in so many different places? The cloud makes everything accessible in an instant. Cloud power is a critical element in the success of unified communications for business.

The Universal Connectivity Advantage

You can keep all your employees connected, no matter where they are, with UC-One. Stop jumping between applications to collaborate on a document or dig around for dial-in numbers and long entry codes. Join a virtual meeting with HD audio and video in seconds. Hold more productive online meetings with the ability to message the whole group, share your screen and participate from any device.

Stay in touch with the office and access information from anywhere with one entity to manage all communications. Access conversations and files on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Work calls will always come from your work number – even when using your smartphone – to keep your personal information private.

UC-One can pull your team together.

The Better Connected Plan

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