Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Your Desk Phone? Understanding VoIP Phone Systems for 2021

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Even if it doesn’t have a rotary dial, your office phone may be past its prime. Outdated desk phones and phone systems hold your business back in multiple ways: poor call quality, dropped connections and frustration for both clients and employees. That’s why VoIP phone systems have become the standard voice communications delivery method. Today’s businesses count on VoIP phone systems for their broadband speed, connection clarity and rich features. 

Here’s how VoIP phone systems can move your company forward by eliminating connectivity issues and putting more money in your pocket.

What Are VoIP Phone Systems?

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using the internet instead of a regular landline or mobile network. Traditional premise-based phone systems, also called private branch exchanges (PBX), transmit analog signals through copper wires to establish the audio connection for phone calls. VoIP instead converts the audio into digital data and transmits it over the internet.
Today’s VoIP phones look like the modern phones you are already using. Like traditional premise-based phones, they allow you to make and receive normal calls. In addition, they offer features like voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling and more. So, why are more companies switching from PBX to VoIP? Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of VoIP to see what it will do for your business.

Best Features of VoIP Phone Systems in 2021

When it comes to phone systems, the typical concern is whether you can make and receive calls. In reality, phone systems can do so much more: maximize productivity, catapult profitability and optimize interactions. Here are the top features of VoIP phone systems to help your business achieve those benefits.

  • Scalability. With VOiP you can add new lines and devices without adding to the physical infrastructure on-site. Whether your business is growing, shifting or downsizing, VoIP has the flexibility to move with you. 
  • Lower costs. Using the internet for calls allows you to consolidate data and voice bills as well as save money on long-distance and toll-free per-minute charges. Plus, VoIP equipment costs less than conventional, premise-based telephone equipment.
  • Better connectivity. Broadband speed and connection clarity lead to better connectivity, which everyone on your team will appreciate. Always be able to reach customers, clients or colleagues and keep remote workers connected with a centralized phone system.

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  • Increased productivity. VoIP phone systems offer 100 percent uptime, many applications and convenient features to help increase your productivity. Additionally, VoIP makes it easier for remote workers or multiple sites to stay connected.
  • Seamless mobile connections. Unlike traditional phone systems, your business won’t be limited to desk phones to make and receive calls. Remote employees are able to use mobile devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets on VoIP phone systems without compromising connectivity and call clarity.
  • Feature-rich phones. VoIP phone systems provide crisp, clear connections with no static, echo or background noise. In addition, their comprehensive user-friendly features allow your team to call and collaborate from anywhere. 

Hang Up on Analog and Switch to VoIP

It’s time to say goodbye to your old desk phone and replace it with a phone system that saves money and boosts efficiency. Today’s workforce is becoming increasingly mobile and it requires a phone system that facilitates seamless communication on all devices and networks. Switch your business to a VoIP phone system to connect with increased productivity, higher profitability and greater connectivity.
Move your company forward and schedule a consultation to discover the opportunities of business VoIP services!

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